Friday, October 30, 2009


Ocean Flowers and Divine Design by Guerdy were asked to create a floral tablescape for the entrance of the bridal show at the Bloomingdale's Aventura store on October 29th. We had a blast!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


What to Look for in a Great Miami Floral Designer

Many people often ask me about the qualities they should look for in a floral designer. There are some basic requirements that your wedding florist should meet, qualities that I personally believe are the reason why Ocean Flowers does so much business as a wedding florist in Miami.

To start with always make sure your wedding florist has passion. The florist needs to be passionate about your concept for the wedding and understand the vision you have for your big day so they can make sure they meet your requirements. I am extremely involved in each of the weddings I work on as I understand that this is one of the most important days in my clients’ life.

I also try and think creatively about how the flowers can be used at the event. It is possible to save money by using flowers in different locations instead of expensive décor. Any Miami wedding planner will be able to help you cut costs if they are able to think innovatively.

Always look for a florist that you can communicate with effectively. If you are having trouble getting your point across, or understanding which way they will go with the design, you might end up unhappy with the end result. As a South Florida florist, I always work extra hard to make sure I stay on the same page as my clients since they come from various ethnicities and it is very easy for a vision to get lost in translation.

I always find it is necessary to be patient with brides since sometimes they go back and forth between their ideas for the wedding day. It is, therefore, important for the florist to be understanding and patient because we often need to change the minor details as we go through planning with the bride. It is also important to listen to the bride and understand thoroughly what it is she expects from me so that I can deliver everything according to the requirements.

I feel organization is the key to getting work done efficiently and effectively at a wedding. It is therefore important to sort out with the client the timelines they need various things setup as well as understand the venue so that last minute emergencies to do not arise.

My clients’ are invited to look at portfolios of my previous work so that they can see for themselves the excellent work I deliver. You should definitely be wary of hiring a florist who is not comfortable showing you their past work. It is also important to hire someone who has a good reputation in the area. I am one of the most well-known and reputed florists where South Florida bridal flowers and wedding décor in South Florida is concerned.

Finally, look for someone who is able to have fun and make you feel comfortable. I work best with clients when our relationship is professional yet cordial, as that makes it easiest to bounce ideas off of each other.

If you keep these things in mind when you go looking for a Miami florist you should have no trouble weeding out the good from the bad.